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Get pumped!

It's early November of 2020, in the midst of the pandemic. I’m talking to my

brother Dan, telling him about my journey to becoming a lactation consultant. “I’m so pumped to get started with this!” And he makes a joke about “getting pumped, ya know, get it?” And I laugh. How insightful and witty, for a young 20 something that has little knowledge about breastfeeding and lactation.

I’m talking to my husband, my biggest supporter, my push to get started as an business owner. So here it is, I am starting my mobile OT practice, Peaceful Transitions OT to support families in their young parenting adventures.

Who am I?

I’m a wife.

A mother.

An occupational therapist

A child development specialist.

A certified breastfeeding specialist.

The mission of Peaceful Transitions OT is to provide the genuine guidance and support of someone with my level of training and expertise. Someone who is non-judgmental. Join me on this journey and let me support you as you navigate young parenthood!



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