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I am here to support you as you start and grow your family. Learn more about what I provide below, and let me know if you have any questions or special requests. I look forward to serving you!

In home and Virtual options available. When you sign up, let me come to you where you are most comfortable.  


New Moms Coffee Chat & Support

Join Cara to receive virtual support and guidance as you learn more about your child's growth and development through their most important occupation, PLAY! Connect with other moms and babies as you navigate young parenthood. 

Groups run for 6 weeks, and space is limited to 6 participants per session.

Connect and Grow Groups:

More Dates coming soon!

Prenatal Consultation

Go in to your birth confident about how you want to care for yourself and your baby before and after he/she arrives!

Individual Consultation with Cara includes a tailor made plan focused on how to care for yourself as your body changes during pregnancy. Learn what to "expect" and ways to trouble shoot when things don't go as planned. 

Ask about the discount if you book with me for Occupational Therapy Evaluation post birth!

Let me come to you where you are most comfortable! Sign up for Virtual and In Home options available. 

August - The Breastfeeding Month. Breast

Breastfeeding and Lactation Services

Cara can help guide you through your breastfeeding journey from start of breastfeeding to weaning.​

- Postpartum support for parents and babies
- Optimal Breastfeeding Positions
- Breast engorgement
- Clogged ducts
- Mastitis
- Latching issues
- Milk oversupply
- Milk under supply
- Nipple soreness/ pain

Pumping and Returning to Work

Are you returning to work soon? Let Cara help make a plan about what your return will look like. 

- Pump Selection

- How to use your breast pump

- When and how to introduce bottles to your baby as you continue to breastfeed

- Maintaining Milk Supply

- Education on breast milk storage

Breast Milk Pump_edited.jpg

Occupational Therapy Evaluation and Self Care Planning

Get support and direction from Cara on ways to modify childcare tasks including:

-diaper changing



-baby carrier use.

Practice time management so you can do the activities you love while taking care of your little one(s). 

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