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Sign up for One to One Mentoring 

Would I benefit from OT mentoring?

Let’s work together to improve your practice, learn new skills, & become a confident Occupational Therapist and lactation professional.

-New Grad Learning

Learn how to organize your work, implement best practice interventions, write goals, battle imposter syndrome, and have quality evaluations, treatment sessions, & documentation.

- Change of Practice Area

Learn more about how to expand your OT practice knowledge as you step into a new role as a lactation professional

- Case-By-Case Discussion

Bring a case you’re having difficulty with, want a second set of eyes on, or need some guidance with.

The Mentoring Process

1. Sign up for discovery call 

2. Create objectives, outcomes, and a plan with your mentor during the first meeting.

3. Complete 3 or more meetings until your specific outcomes are met.

One to One Mentoring for Professionals working in lactation based OT practice

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