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How to thrive through that precious “Fourth Trimester”

Yes, there is a fourth trimester after you give birth to your little one. The fourth trimester is the newborn stage and recovery time for momma and baby. It is a time of ups and downs, hormone fluctuations, and (hopefully) some rest. Both you and your baby have been through a momentous event. Read on to discover ways to help you recovery emotionally, mentally, and physically.

1. Honor your feelings. Your feelings about your birth and your baby are that- they are yours. Move through the emotions and lean into them as they come. Talk to a trusted friend or family member.

2. Write your birth story. Even if it is a note in your phone, write down what you remember. I wrote all my birth stories within the first few days of birth. It was a great way to process the birth and remember details I would soon forget!

3. Accept help. Make a list of chores/ things to be done around the house and post it for your visitors. That way, you can rest and spend time with your little one instead of having to entertain company

4. Find your balance. Yes, your baby needs you. But you need to take care of your needs so that you can recover. A cared for momma can more easily bond with baby in those early days.

You will struggle in those early days of motherhood. And that is OKAY! It is possible to survive and thrive in the 4th trimester!

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