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Baby Wearing for the win!

I thought I knew about baby wearing... until I tried to do it with my oldest daughter. I watched a video about using a "ring sling" while pregnant. 4 kids later, and I've tried all kinds of carriers. My local baby-wearing group provided guidance and options for all types of carriers. Here are some benefits for babies and parents:

Benefits for babies:

  • Carried babies cry less

  • Carried babies are calmer and more content

  • Carried babies sleep more peacefully

  • Carried babies gain weight better

  • Carried babies have better digestion

  • Carried babies develop better

Benefits for parents

  • Carrying babies frees your hands

  • Carrying babies makes you physically stronger

  • Carrying babies allows you to do house work or work from home

For more information, check out this handout from Lactation Education Resources (LER).

Baby Wearing2020
Download PDF • 186KB

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