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Integrate Routines around rest that Support your mental and physical Health in 2 minutes

Incorporate rest - rest doesn't have to be lying down. Rest is anything that helps your brain and body wind down. Realistically, how do you do this with little ones around? Here are a couple easy routines to incorporate into your day.

  • While your littles are down playing on the floor, grab a pillow and place it behind your back- breathe in for 4 seconds, breathe out for 6 seconds. Try this for a few cycles, and increase up to 1-2 minutes each time you sit down.

  • Take 2 minutes to listen to a meditation before bed. Hear me out- I know meditation is not for everyone! And when I first started, it literally took all I had to listen to one. Then I found the Meditation Studio App- and there are specific clips made for moms, by moms. My favorites are only 2 minutes long and focus clearly on breathing and relaxation. Here are some free ones:

The science behind meditation and deep breathing is quite amazing- it literally changes the way your brain works! Adding in these 2 minute routines can drastically change your day.

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