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As I reflect on these last 10 years, its staggering to think about how many people I have been able to interact with as an OT. One thing is constant- how could I best help the person/ family be successful and independent in their desired occupation?

I strive for excellence in my career, it is the biggest area of my life that has always given me a sense of purpose, enjoyment, and general fulfillment. It has never been about the money for me (although, the money is nice!). As a therapist, I have learned to listen patiently as I teach people how to achieve and feel empowered even if It is in the daily, mundane activities that many of us take for granted. The second best part of the job is that I have been blessed to meet some of the most intelligent, kind, and hardworking coworkers over the years. OTs are few and far between. We have bleeding hearts, and we are always looking to go the extra step to figure out how to meet our client’s goals.

What lights you up and gives you that sense of purpose?



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