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Sample baby registry- What do you REALLY need?

When I became pregnant with my oldest, Audrey, I had NO IDEA what we would need to take care of her. When my childbirth educator, Deena, told me, all you need is a place for the baby to sleep and get a diaper change, diapers, and clothing… I did not believe her. Fast forward, 7 years and 4 kids later… I finally have the basics down. Here is a list of Basics, and “Bonus Items” that have been helpful over the years. These are in no particular order.

Basics (Must haves!)

Changing pad

Bassinet, pack n play, or crib

Fitted crib sheet(s)


Diapers!- size up, you will be using diapers for a while

Simple baby monitor

Receiving blankets

Car seat

Bonus items

Gift cards (Amazon, Target, Walmart are the best)

Changing table

Diaper bag

Nursery décor

Nursing pillow

Rocking chair or glider

Video baby monitor

Super cute outfits or onesies


Baby carrier

Baby tub

Diaper pail

Nursery Care Kit- brush and comb, nail clippers and more.

Baby socks

Breast pump


Nursing Cover

Nursing pads

Are you overwhelmed yet? Don’t be! You can always reach out to family and friends for their support if you forget any “essentials” or bonus items. The bottom line is, your baby needs you and not the stuff, especially in the early days!

Check out this site for more great ideas!

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