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Things I wish people actually shared about becoming a mom

It will rock your world. The shift to motherhood is like no other. After roughly six and a half years of this mother thing, I am still learning new things. Here's a short list of things that I wish I had heard:

  1. The first month is so hard. And there is nothing to really prepare you for that. The best advice I got was to just rest, and let others care for you by bringing food, drinks, and entertainment (netflix anyone?)

  2. You will be tired. Even after getting "sleep" through the night. Your body will eventually readjust and you will consider 4-5 hours of a baby sleeping "a win"

  3. Every baby (and child) is different. Each of my littles are completely unique and have grown into new stages differently.

  4. Going from 1-2 kids is exhausting- anything after that is "easy" because you are totally outnumbered and know how to multitask

  5. Speaking of multitasking- you will try. And some days, things will go your way. Other days, it will feel like you are spinning in circles trying to get things done.

You don't "have" to love every moment of it. But eventually things will start to get easier. If you are asking yourself "Am I doing a good job?," then you definitely are doing more than you know for your family!

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